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Pole Dancing

Pole-dancing has become increasingly popular as a great way to get fit and have fun at the same time. A form of dance and gymnastics, it involves spins, climbing and seductive moves performed around a secured vertical pole. Many people who try poledancing find that it tones the whole body rather than specific areas, which makes it to be a great allover workout.

Getting on that pole is also excellent for building confidence. By learning new skills and showing off those sexy moves, our girls leave the class feeling great about themselves.

Feeling nervous is normal when taking a pole dancing class whether you decide to come along to your lesson by yourself or with a friend. However our sessions are conducted in a friendly, sociable atmosphere with a maximum of 12 girls per class, to ensure our instructors can spend time with each individual. We can guarantee that by the end of one session you will be hooked!

Dance experience, age and body shape is totally irrelevant when taking a pole dancing class, it caters for all. Our introductory sessions are a great opportunity to get an idea of what pole dancing is about before signing up for our fantastic 6 week course.

By signing up to our courses, you can expect to learn a wide variety of moves over the 6 weeks and be shown how to put these all together to perform your very own poledance. You will also have the opportunity, if you wish, to have your poledance recorded on DVD for a keepsake of all your hard work! Each girl will also receive their own personalised certificate of commendation.

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